When Flash Storage is Managed by Great Software

Whilst software tends to hog the limelight in terms of media exposure and, consequently the industry sees enterprise software as where the action and money is, a closer look reveals that hardware is the layer underneath which all successful (and limelight-grabbing) software runs off.whiptail_software_02

Maxwell Riggsbee, VP of Product Management and CMO at flash storage company Whiptail, mentions in a post in the Wired Innovation Insights blog, that flash storage is the key to improving storage software’s performance.

According to him, “hard drive storage technology lags behind the greater demand placed on today’s enterprise software and its data. It limits the speed in which information can be stored – and consequently the rate information can be created” and states that “need for improved performance in business software and data access has led to the rise of flash memory as an alternative to hard drive storage.”whiptail_software_01

The point which Maxwell makes is that the data management characteristics of flash makes it the perfect hardware off which to run powerful software applications. Flash can write and read data substantially faster than hard disk drives and software needs to be designed from the outset to optimise this and make the most of these inherent advantages. Once it does, a whole new world opens up in terms of the level of performance available.

You can read more about it as Maxwell goes into more detail in his post here.

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