The Value of Convergence with Vblock Systems


IDC, the global market intelligence firm, have produced a comprehensive white paper on a value measurement of convergence with Vblock Systems.

According to IDC, organisations around the world spent over $3.3 billion on converged systems in 2012, and it forecasts this spending to increase by 20% in 2013 and again in 2014. IT executives making converged infrastructure (CI) investments want to quantify the business value this investment delivers, whether through driving business expansion, reducing the cost of conducting business, or speeding business innovation.

To this end, IDC conducted in-depth interviews with 11 IT organisations, enterprises, and major
service providers that deployed CI systems based on VCE Vblock Systems. Vblock Systems are built by VCE using compute, networking, and storage technologies and virtualisation software from Cisco, EMC and VMware.IDC_Vblock

IDC found that Vblock System implementations sped deployments, simplified operations, improved business-support agility,saved money, and freed staff to launch new applications, extend services, and improve user/customer satisfaction.

These organisations reported that, compared with their prior IT environment, Vblock Systems reduced infrastructure hardware costs and IT staff time to manage operations. Together these savings reduced annual datacenter costs by half.

Enterprises and service providers leveraging Vblock Systems are well positioned to drive datacenter modernisation, enable more effective launch and expansion of private clouds, and maintain ongoing benefits in terms of speed, savings, and simplicity.

To read the full report, click here.

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