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Integrated Computing

In a market that’s currently flooded with complex, costly products, IBM Flex System is a simple infrastructure solution that keeps costs down without compromising design. Flex System goes way beyond traditional blade servers, making you ready for what’s next.

A PureFlex system optimises software stacks with compute, storage, network and management software and is used to develop a robust infrastructure for delivering enhanced cloud solutions, to enable optimal performance of mission-critical applications. This modular offering with blade, storage, network and management is the building block for an integrated system.

Organisations that use the PureFlex System and Flex System infrastructure building blocks experience substantial benefits related to improved infrastructure deployment, performance and operational economics, as well as providing customers with powerful management and automation tools.

Customers that fully exploit the value of their PureFlex System investment can transform their data centers and improve operational efficiency in cloud environments.

IBM Flex Systems surpasses the competition with a number of industry firsts:

• The first single management tool for all physical resources

• The first storage virtualisation solution for internal and external storage

• The first E5-2600-equipped blade to offer 768 GB memory capacity for all processor configurations

• The first 5 x 6GB-capable blade InfiniBand FDR switch

• The first high-IOPS flash storage node/blade for unmatched dedicated storage flexibility

• The first 40 GB E-capable blade uplink switch

• The first 16 GB-capable blade SAN switch

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