First Distribution’s Winter Charity Drive


As the nights darken and the weather turns cold, many people go without basic comforts and suffer accordingly.

First Distribution is running a ‘Winter Warmer’ drive until the end of June 2015, and appeals to all our partners to help us in making a small contribution in bringing relief to those less fortunate.

Our two designated charities are:

Gift of the Givers Foundation

Anything from blankets to soup packets, tinned food, clothing (scarves, beanies, gloves) are gratefully accepted.

Winter Blanket Drive

Blankets, tinned food and even old towels for our furry friends.

Please drop off any contributions at our Cape Town premises:

Corner of 7th Street & Montague Drive,
Montague Gardens,
Cape Town, 8001

TEL: +27 (0) 21 529 5555